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My Secret Disney Life.

I cannot believe it has been almost a year since I sat down and wrote a blog post! I can only apologise to those of you desperate to hear from me….although, deep down, I know that’s none of you!  What a year it has been.  Since my last blog post we have: proven our abilities by climbing a mountain, conquering the Black Gorge, walked with Llama’s, crashed a car, dressed as Harry Potter and welcomed in a new member to the Barnsby family as my big brother got engaged to the beautiful Chloe, in Miami. Wow when I think about it we really have had a lot of adventures.  We also said goodbye to some very close friends, which is always sad, but we are very blessed to be surrounded by amazing people and got to welcome many new friends too.
For those who don’t already know, Jane, Lauren and I are huge Disney fans (possibly me more so than the girls!). We love to snuggle up and watch a Disney movie from the first full-length animated motion picture, Snow White to the more mod…

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