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Firstly, I have to begin by saying I’m sorry that this is only my 2nd blog of 2018! I know we are just entering April but I am classing this as March’s entry as I will do another blog post later in April.  Can you believe its April already??? What is happening? 2018 is rushing past at a rate I can hardly keep up with!

The reason I missed February and March was primarily due to ill health. For any new readers I have a “life limiting” illness in the form of bladder disease. Frustratingly my bladder began to really affect my kidney function and so for a while I wasn’t able to do much. Anyway I am pleased to report that I am back, and I am on the road to recovery to my normal level of health.
When you're bored in hospital you take selfies!
It’s been a busy start to 2018!  I was shocked and humbled by how many of you reacted to my last blog post and took the time to email me or send me messages on Instagram to say I had made you smile. I was touched by so many lovely messages and some truly heart-warming stories of how other people make you smile or by what you have been doing to make others smile.  It is so nice to be reminded that lovely, wonderful people surround us.  Thank you all so much, please don’t ever stop telling me these story’s or reaching out to me with what’s happening in your life, I love making new friends and I love the happy news.

Lauren and Buzby
Mad Hatters Tea Party
In addition to being ill and fielding amazing messages we have had a number of adventures already in 2018! In early January I was lucky enough to win an award from Potters Resort for being a social media genius (ok that’s not quite accurate but its how I’m selling it; and you can’t prove otherwise! Lol).  We got to stay at a 5 star, family run holiday resort on the Norfolk coast.  We had an absolutely fantastic time with friends we have met via social media.  We got to eat glorious food and see West-end quality shows in the evenings of our 3-night break.  We sang in “Bath Tub Karaoke”, had a Mad Hatters tea party and competed in our very own version of it’s a knock out.  Suffice to say we laughed…a lot!  I could go into masses of detail about what Potters Resort has to offer, such as; 2 Swimming Pools, Spa, Crazy Golf, Archery, Rally Karts, Segways. Tennis (in and out door), Snooker, Bowls, 10-pin bowling, beauty studio, kids clubs including a games zone….The list goes on and on!!!  We have been here lots of times and never failed to have a fantastic time.  Lauren loves the freedom she gets here as she makes friends and is able to spend time in clubs and at the games zone away from the ever-watchful eyes of her obsessive father!  I am comfortable to let her do her own thing, as we know the staff are excellent and the resort is safe.  We have a basic set of rules that Lauren must adhere to and she checks in with us on a regular basis so she enjoys being in charge of her own time with her friends. For more details on Potters Resort check out their website; or follow them on Instagram @pottersresort 
Singing in the bath!

Awards with my name are the best!
Lauren enjoying the games!

Soon after our return from Potters we saw my wonderful wife complete another journey around the sun as we celebrated her 38th birthday (Sorry Jane people want to know how old you are! I can’t be the one to deny them the information that you are older than me!!).   Now even by late January I had been in hospital a couple of times and we were all feeling the post Xmas blues so we decided to go away for her birthday weekend in order to relax and reconnect as a family. I think its great to be spontaneous every once in a while and do something for the whole family. We packed up the car and headed to the South East of England to visit the famous Battle of Hastings site.  As we were headed to Sussex we made good use of time by also meeting up with some new friends and visiting a much-anticipated place, Olivers.

Olivers Brighton
Lauren &  Oliver casting Spells

Olivers is a shop in Brighton, which specialises in selling Harry Potter merchandise.  We had been following the progress of Oliver (the owner) on Instagram as he went from concept to creating and finally opening the shop.  All 3 of us are Harry Potter fans so we were all excited to experience the shop and its array of goods on offer.  It did not disappoint! The shop has secret doorways and magical displays.  The goods for sale are all genuine Harry Potter merchandise and there are some truly stunning pieces.  Not only did we come away with a Malfoy cane, chocolate frogs, a golden snitch and more, we came away with a new friend in Oliver the owner of the shop.  – For his next venture he is considering a Jedi shop, so watch out Star Wars fans! If you want to visit Olivers or get in touch the website is or on Instagram @oliversbrighton

Lauren Oliver and I
Lauren and the Golden Egg (open under water!)

After a bite to eat in a local café we headed over to Hastings where we had booked a last minute cottage through the English Heritage.   The 2 bed cottage (called South Lodge), was beautiful and situated looking out over the battlefield where nearly a thousand years ago the shape of England (if not the word) began to emerge.  It was a beautiful cottage with stunning views made even more special when you learn about their history.  It was extremely comfortable and we settled in for the night.  The following morning we drove to Pooh Corner, a cute little coffee shop nestled in the woods, which inspired A.A.Milne to write Winnie The Pooh. We met up with yet some more friends from Instagram.  It is so amazing to meet new friends and Adrian & Emma (@the2ofusandthemouse) are the nicest people we could hope to meet!  We sat in Pooh Corner whilst sipping white chocolate hot chocolate and chatted. We could’ve (and almost did) chatted all day as we got to know each other better. It has been great to since exchange letters and magic mail with one another since we got home and the best bit of all we now have some more amazing friends!!  After several hours of chat, Jane Lauren and I headed deep into the Hundred Acre Wood, where we managed to get totally lost!  The evening was now closing in with a ground fog that was clearly the inspiration for A.A.Milne when he wrote The Many Adventures of Winnie The Pooh.  We could now understand the character Rabbit when he is lost in these woods; “Mean while Rabbit was still wandering around in the mist. By now he was lost, bewildered and to make matters worse his mind was beginning to play tricks on him”.  Sadly Tigger didn’t save us; we just re-traced our steps until we found the correct path.  As darkness closed in we managed just in time to see Roo’s Sandy Pit, Pooh Sticks Bridge, The Enchanted place and Galleons Lap.
Look out its a heffalump

Meeting amazing new friends!

Lauren being Eeeyore
The mist drew in
Tea at Pooh Corner

The next day we explored the Abby and Battleground of 1066.  We were all really surprised to discover how interesting this site is. Both Jane and I were expecting a field with little to no explanation of what really took place. However the site has an exhibition center that gives a great backstory about Britain and the events the lead up to the Battle of Hastings. It displays the types of amour worn and weapons used by both sides. It goes into great details about what took place after the battle and how the French invasion influenced the previously Saxon culture.  Then as you walk around the battleground you get an amazing perspective of what the troops from each side faced along with a real vantage point from the ground that was fought over 952 years previous.  It is amazing to think that this battle was the last time anyone successfully invaded England. It just becomes incredible, as we understood the importance of what took place on this day and how it impacted the shape of the entire world!  Being guests at the cottage we were able to access the site after it had closed to the general public, so we had tea and cake at the café, purchased some gifts in the shop and then slowly made our way back over the battleground towards the cottage. As the darkness came over the hill it really made us feel like we were apart of history and it really isn’t a trip we will forget.  We had our last night in our lovely cottage before making the drive home.  For more details on English Heritage cottages

For more details on 1066 battle of Hastings visit:

or follow English Heritage on Instagram @englishheritage

Battle of Hastings 1066
We could've held off the French!

If you’ve stuck with me and read our adventures for the first part of 2018 I hope it has given you a little insight into the adventures we have as a family and how even with a “life limiting” illness we are determined to not let anything get in our way of meeting new friends and having fun.  I think it is important at this stage to also point out this blog is not sponsored and we have not received any kind of payment for writing about the places we visited.  We’d always be happy to talk to people if they wanted to pay us, but this blog is for people to see the adventures we have as a family and what its like being a stay at home Dad.   As we move into the second quarter of 2018 we have some more exciting adventures planned. The next blog we will tell you all about the Harry Potter studios and we have an exciting announcement about the daddylifeuk vlog!!  If you have been to any great places recently or have anything you’d like to see us do leave us a comment below!

Lauren & Jane showing how to do it!
Thanks for reading and being a part of our little world, we really do appreciate you and we are grateful to call you all friends.  If you’d like to get in touch or see our adventures everyday follow us on Instagram @daddylifeuk

Hope you have a great day!

Ian B xxx

East Lodge Cottage
Every thing we needed

Lovely family room (with T.V books & games!)
Beautiful views of the battle site

An archers view
Little Ted & Piglet came too!
Battle Abbey 

The remains of the monastery
Inside Battle Abbey


  1. Well it looks like you all have had more adventure in 2018 than I have had in 10 years haha! I can tell you had a lovely time and eagerly awaited your next IG story as I was following along.

    I hope you are feeling much better! If anyone can face this life limiting illness with a happy heart, it is you!

    Bless you and your little family.

    April (and Paolo!)

  2. I'm so proud of you for overcoming the obstacles life hands you. You have made me realize that anything big or small I can face! It's so great to relive all of your memories you've had over the past few months! I can't wait to see what is coming next in the adventures of Ian & Lauren...and Jane of course!!!! :) I'm so happy to call you all my friends.

  3. Happy to hear that you’re on the bend! Your trips sound so fun (you’ve been busy)! I love that you visited Pooh corner!

  4. Thanks very much for your blog post. We are really pleased you enjoyed your visit to Battle Abbey and your stay in the cottage.

    EH Team

  5. Great post. Thanks for sharing some of the fab places you've visited. After I read your blog I showed my Dad, as we were looking for somewhere to visit in May half term. Im so excited as he has booked us a weekend at The Potters Resort!! I keep looking at their website, it looks awesome. As a daughter of a single Dad I love reading what you and Lauren get up to. We love adventures too. Love Gabby McM xoxo

  6. Oh my gosh you guys are too cute!! I totally love reading your blogs!! When we visit the UK we have to meet up so you can show us these amazing places!! Potters sounds so good with all that stuff in one place it would sure as heck keep the boys entertained! The English Heritage sounds amazing too! So much history on one tiny island! It looks so pretty, I'd love to live with all that greenery! Keep up the great work. ❤


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